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Monarque Hotels | Who we are
Monarque Hotels | Who we are
Monarque Hotels | Who we are
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Who we are

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Working in the hotel industry with simplicity, dedication and service, we have the pleasure to introduce to you our web page. Here you can find out about the location, facilities, services and activities on offer at our hotels, which make up our hotel chain, as well as book rooms in our hotels.

Monarque Hoteles is an independent hotel chain which has 2,500 beds in its seven hotels. It is specialized in catering to holiday-makers and has wonderful locations along the beautiful Costa del Sol and in the flourishing Murcia region. The hotels range from medium-high-end establishments all the way up to exclusive and elite hotels.

All of our hotels are very near the sea and are well-connected. They have also recently been renovated and revamped. The hotels always and fully comply with all of the current safety, health and hygiene regulation and always respect the ecological environment.

At our facilities, which are always well-kept, we take great care of the products and services on offer to our clients, paying special attention to our exquisite and varied gastronomy.

At Monarque Hoteles, commitment to our clients and to their satisfaction is our number one priority together with offering the best value for money.

Both the management of the hotel chain and our staff share and support the important role played by tour operators and travel agencies as valuable brokers in the sale and distribution of our hotel products.
Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Argimiro González
Chief Executive

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