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Spa Hotel in Murcia | Monarque Hotels
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Spa Hotel in Murcia | Monarque Hotels

Services and Facilities

  • 2 jacuzzis.
  • 1 sauna finlandesa. 
  • 1 turkish bath
  • 3 circular showers
  • Massage roomsbody
  • Face health treatments
Spa Hotel in Murcia | Monarque Hotels

The Mar Menor Sea: Outdoor Spa

The water of the Mar Menor has special chemical characteristics, beneficial to health. It is a sea with high concentrations of salts and iodine which make it an exceptional natural spa, renowned for its therapeutic properties. 

Analysis of the water reveals high ionic levels of elements including: magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine and fluorine. All these properties help to eliminate toxins, to stimulate blood circulation, to relax muscles and to alleviate stress, rheumatic illness and all types of skin and bone complaints. 

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